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At Football-Streams.TV we provide our users with legal sources to stream matches online. All streams listed on FSTV come from bookmakers such as Unibet, sites which have the legal right to broadcast these events online.

Geo-restrictions: UBTV comply with local laws and tv rights by putting restrictions in place on what events can be watched using their website. This means, to summarise and in layman's terms, that you won't be able to watch any leagues that are taken place in the country you are situated. So that would mean someone sitting at their PC in Glasgow cannot watch "Celtic vs Dundee", however, someone in Denmark could. Likewise, someone in Spain cannot watch "Barcelona v Atletico Madrid" however, a user in London could etc. Click here for more info!

Our contact page and details can be found here. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments you may have regarding the website.

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